Carb Specialist In West Mids who does call outs!

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Carb Specialist In West Mids who does call outs!

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I was way out of my depth on a pair of recon Strombergs. Ready to pitch them and buy a Weber. Car was immobile and it was looking bleak to say the least...

The I rang a chap I saw advertising on eBay in Lichield. Came out for £30 plus £35 an hour (we're a 40 mile round trip from Lichfield!) on a Saturday morning, Soon discovered that the carb pistons were seized and all the o'rings were too big. Either they were wrong to start with or they were the wrong rubber and had swelled when the petrol touched them.

He was proper old school and a really nice bloke. Stripped them all down, showed me the problems, built them all back up, tuned them, fitted my new dizzi, timed it all up and set the CO with the gas analyser in the back of his Volvo. Really great service, car is running perfectly. He spent 3 hours on it and charged me £125.00 including the bits and the travelling. He apologised that it was so much, but they were in a state as he took great pains to show me. After most of last weekend changing them and trying to work it out, then two freezing nights in the week pulling my hair out, small price to pay!

He only works on carbs and rebuilds them by post too if required. Works on SU's, Weber, Solex, Stromberg and Dellorto.

Company is Carbcare. Alan Fielding 01543 305160 or 07791 400101 e-mail
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