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This section is for traders who advertise in Impressions to list their business.

If any trader wishes to update their advertisment or remove it please contact either the Landlord or a Mod.

If you have an issue with any of the traders in this section please direct it to the trader, do not start a thread on your complaint or concern.

I would like to place a trade advert in Impressions magazine who do I contact?
You need to contact the Trade Adverts Co-ordinator, details are on the inside front cover or Impressions, or you can email the co-ordinator on
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Trader Definition

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The Business Advertisement Disclosure Order 1977 requires that all advertisements by people who seek to sell goods in the course of a business to make that fact clear. The Imp Club as the publisher of the advertisement can also commit an offence if an advertiser fails to comply with the Order. A person does not have to earn a living from selling the advertised goods. It is for the Courts to decide on each case but normally a person who advertises more than three or four times in a short period of time will be construed as a Trader. The Imp Club will ask advertisers to confirm that they are not in a trade or business before an advertisement is published. This decision will not affect advertisers who by the nature of the advertisement make it clear that they are traders.

No advertisement will be accepted from non advertisers in Impressions, usernames with a company name (currently trading will be rejected at registration)
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