How to use the for sale section

Erm ...Cars and Parts Wanted. Imp related only please all others will be deleted
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How to use the for sale section

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All for sale topics must have a price, location and contact details. The price may be 500 (or near offers) for example but cannot be offers only, a guide price must be listed.

If you cannot see your advert after posting it this is because it hasn't been approved yet, please don't repost it. If it meets the guidelines above then it will be approved as soon as a moderators deals with it, otherwise you will recieve a private message requesting either a price or location.

1.Forum users are welcome to advertise their Imp, Clan or Davrian or other
Imp related items, e.g. engines, parts, articles, books, etc. but trying to
sell your old food processor, computer or other non Imp related items is

2.Trade adverts will be removed and continued abuse of this rule will lead
to deletion of the user account from the Forum. Traders who advertise via
Impressions may reply publicly to posts requesting parts.

3.We know the line between Trader/Private is sometimes a little blurred,
but Forum Moderators have final say in any disputes.

4.All posts will be automatically deleted after 15 days, If you have a
question about the item offered please contact the seller direct via PM or
email or phone if contact details as offered by the advertiser. The forum does
not allow replies to enable the auto prune system to work. The post originator
can edit their own post to update information.

5.Advertisers should also consider advertising in Impressions, which is
free, as this will reach a much wider audience, but should acknowledge that
this method will usually take a little longer.

6. If you are posting about an item(s) you are selling via Ebay, please
start you advert off with:
"Selling this on Ebay - then ad item(s) here"
So it would look like...
"Selling this on Ebay - 930 Engine"

If you have listed an item on EBAY or other auction site please indicate that you have done so and give the listing details or link.

More rules or changes may be made in the future

Have fun