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We need your help!

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:40 am
by Dave Dickinson
We are planning to put together an “Imp 50 Highlights” page on the Imp Club Website (
We need a few words and maybe a picture of what made Imp 50 special for you. It might be the arrival of the JoLon Imp at Coventry, it could be bumping into old friends you have not seen for years – anything goes.
Just remember that anything and everything that is published on the Imp Club Website is available to the world at large so we need to ensure that anything published does not compromise anyone’s personal privacy.
We expect that most contributions will be published with the author’s Christian name and their area/country but are happy to publish anonymous contributions. The choice is yours!
Articles for inclusion should be limited to a maximum of 150 words in length but need only be half a dozen words if you prefer. Please send your “ Imp 50 Highlights” to by 15th December.
The editor’s decision on what is and what is not published is final but if you don’t submit anything then it definitely can’t be included.