Fabricage roll cages

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Fabricage roll cages

Postby will jack » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:05 pm

Hi. I've had excellent service from Fabricage. They've got a jig for the saloon but not the coupe.

I gave them a set of measurements comparing the coupe to the saloon, and got a rear cage kit, with a 50 mm main hoop, back within a fortnight.

I've had a trial fit of the main hoop, and it is spot on.
It cost around £270 including vat and postage.
regards, will jack

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Contact details (from the internet);
Fabricage, 34 Church Street, Beech Farm, Harston, Cambridgeshire, CB2 5NR

Contact: Peter Foldigg
Telephone: 01223 870 563
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Re: Fabricage roll cages

Postby colin rooney » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:11 pm

I had a cage for a saloon from them a year or so and its the dogs nuts - it cost about £600, but well worth it and way better than Safety Devices.

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