LVS718F. Chamois Sport.

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manky manc imp89
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LVS718F. Chamois Sport.

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Hi all, Does anyone in the club have any history on this Chammy. Pics, past owners anything like that.
It's now in my possession and being restored.

Cheers James.
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The Nun
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Re: LVS718F. Chamois Sport.

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Theres a picture of it on Andys Imp site ... Saloon.htm

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alan c ramsay
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Re: LVS718F. Chamois Sport.

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I had this car from 1984 until 1990, when I sold it to Paul Smith in Airdrie.

Sue Ellis, of Regalia, had it for a while too after's her and Andy in the photo in the link in Peter's post.

It's not the car's original number. PM me, and I'll fill you in on what I know.
Slainte, Alan
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