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**Please Read** - Please Read This First

Post by forum_admin » Sat Nov 29, 2003 3:38 pm

Hi All,

This Forum went live on the 29th November 2003, though it was installed for testing a bit before!

Users need to register to view and post topic on this forum, once you have registered, you will have to wait for one of the forum admin people (Steve or Si) to activate your account, this should not take more than a day. You will get emails informing you when you have registered (this contains your username and password) and once you get a further email stating that your account is now active you may log on.

All registered users can start a new topic within a Forum, but you can not start new forums, if you think there should be a new forum, other than the ones aready set, then please email


AND before starting a new topic, please look to see if one for your subject already exists, this will save every one a lot of bother.

any questions please email: forum@theimpclub.co.uk

have fun and we hope this helps you 'Keep the Imp Alive'

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