Silicone Engine Bay Hoses

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Interested In Silicone Engine Bay Hoses

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Re: Silicone Engine Bay Hoses

Postby celyn » Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:37 pm

It was the price that put me off. I wanted to replace *all* the hoses, including the long heater hoses. In the end I bought a length of rubber hose because by buying a 15m box I could get it at trade price

The original prices mentioned here for silicone didn't seem too bad, but various people put forward reasons why silicone might not suit every application, and the ones advertised on eBay were just too expensive for serious contemplation. I've still got bits of rubber in need of replacement, but since so far I've gone with rubber - simply because it was freely available at the time it was needed - I'll carry on with more of the same.
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Re: Silicone Engine Bay Hoses

Postby spares » Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:43 pm

Well as you will probably know, someone (Clive?) is selling black ones on e-Bay for now £85.00 a set of three, bargain? But if you want some that is the price and that is where to get them.

If in these times of recession you favour an alternative solution, I now have Kevlar strenghtened hoses in stock at £20.00 a set of 3 plus postage. Contact me on "" and not via the forum please.

Sincerely, Bob (Imp Club Spares)
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Re: Silicone Engine Bay Hoses

Postby timmers875 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:28 am

Hi folks.
I would like a set please. although i have voted for black, funtion is more impotrtant than fashon.
the set should include; head to rad, head to three way, block to pump, pump to rad and pump to three way. In fact all but the long heater hoses that run through the sills.

Another question to ask the supplier is about hoses for front rads, as an alternative to some of the monstrous coper cockups I have seen.

Regards to all

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