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Excellent Service

Post by briang »

Excellent service, oil seals ordered Saterday morning, received within 48 hrs, thanks.
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Re: Excellent Service

Post by 617sqn »

Well said, JB ! I've always enjoyed great service from Bob whenever I've bought from Club Spares. And most times very fast delivery too. And he signed my book at the National one year as well.

Nice to give praise occasionally, isn't it ? :D

Andy G.
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Dave ' Linwood ' Lane
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Re: Excellent Service

Post by Dave ' Linwood ' Lane »

Bob is indded a top bloke , Always had a great deal from him in the past , I must have spent a fortune with him in the last few years :D
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Re: Excellent Service

Post by skamanfrank »

I too have always had great service from Bob/Club spares. If I had more money I'd spend it with him more often!
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Re: Excellent Service

Post by spares »

Thanks Guys, always good to know the spares service is appreciated.
I always try to do my best, at least when I'm not travelling on business that is. Just a couple of points currently:
  • Some people have had trouble reading the Spares Web pages - Marcus is looking in to this. A new list and prices will be on its way soon.
  • In the meantime, enquiries by e-Mail are preferred, I'll get back to you with prices and availability.
  • Best time to phone me is: 6pm-8pm week days, is I'm in, or any time from 9am-6pm weekends, if I'm not away.
Sincerely, Bob (Imp Club Spares)
Contact me for any Imp and related spares requirements or technical advice.
E-mail: spares@theimpclub.co.uk
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