For Sale:CANEMS ECU+Supercharger+Wideband Controller+Kit

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For Sale:CANEMS ECU+Supercharger+Wideband Controller+Kit

Postby skamanfrank » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:41 pm

Well, this is surprisingly upsetting to be honest, but it has become apparent that I simply cannot afford to keep these items laying around much longer with no sign of them actually being used. They were destined for FAF as part of the grand master/dream plan that has developed over years of imp ownership, but with other plans and racing exploits to fund, it is apparent that the dream engine build is not happening any time soon.
For those not familiar with CANEMS, the company is owned(?) by David Hampshire who is an imper, developing the ECU himself and fitting it to his own supercharged stiletto (I think).

Offered for sale:
> CANEMS semi-sequential injection ECU as per: ... -p-14.html
Mappable, controls both injection and ignition, has various features including shift light, switchable maps, etc, etc.
> Unterminated wiring harness. I think it is 2m long as per: ... -p-15.html
> Trigger wheel (to weld to your pulley)
> x4 Bosch injectors, PN0280158501, (taken from a vauxhall Z14XEP engine)
> 3.8bar vaccuum referenced fuel pressure regulator (taken from a ford cougar)
> Coil pack and HT leads
> High pressure fuel pump (volvo 240, 340, 360, 740 pattern part)
> Single 38mm Jenvey throttle body
> Crank sensor
> Map sensor
> Coolant sensor
> Connectors for the sensors including crimp terminals
> AISIN AMR500 Supercharger
This is a small displacement, rootes type supercharger that in theory could be well suited to the imp engine. I believe an Australian has beaten me to it and has one up and running. It is in good condition with no play in the bearings and cost me a considerable amount to ship over from Australia.
> Tech Edge WBO2 2J2 wideband lambda sensor, as per:
> Suitable O2 sensor

This kit was compiled over a few years with the intention of building a nice, small capacity, revvy engine in conjunction with something like a sport or R17 camshaft. Think relatively low power, but flat torque curve across the rev range. The only used items amongst this are the supercharger, injectors, pressure reg and throttle body.
You will be required to fabricate a inlet manifold, a pulley for the supercharger drive and do some wiring, but otherwise I believe there is little else required to make this a complete kit.

...yours for £900 posted.
No interest in splitting at this stage.

Contact by email, text message or PM on here preferred. Calls during typical office hours won't be answered unfortunately.
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