1968 or earlier cars needed for some film work

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1968 or earlier cars needed for some film work

Post by phatbob » Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:51 pm

Dear all,
My imps agent is after some set dressing vehicles for some upcoming filming in wales.
I've pasted to crucial part of his e-mail below.
They're after any vehicles that were common place at the time, not just imps. They'll be parked-up in the background, so nothing too eye-catching (bright red, orange, white etc probably not suitable).
Please feel free to pass this on to anybody you know outside the imp club who might be interested.

N.B. Reply to Norman Wyper, NOT ME! An image of the vehicle is essential.

Cheers, Bob.

"We are to provide some action vehicles for The Crown when the filming is in North Wales later this month. Please see below for dates.

The year we’re in is 1968/69. The cars shouldn’t be too bright or ostentatious. I will offer more than the number listed for each date.

The best I can offer an owner is £250 with the production paying for one nights accommodation before the filming if the car owner needs that due to distance traveled. I cannot go any higher than that.

If you know if someone who might want to be involved please ask them to contact me. I would need photographs of any New to me car.

If you or anyone else wants more information please ring me by all means. (01663 751057 and 0771 475 0508) normanwyper@aol.com

13/11/18 - Aberystwyth
1 or 2 x dressing cars
1 x dressing motorbike

15/11/18 - Aberystwyth Uni
4-5 dressing cars

19/11/18 - Caernarfon Town
Police Car
5 x Dressing Cars

20/11/18 - Caernarfon
5 x Dressing Cars

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