Linwood day 2018

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Linwood day 2018

Post by colimp66 »

Once again it was Linwood day on Sunday 3rd May that was held at the St. James Business Centre at Linwood funnily enough.

Another year gone by and I haven't turned up in The Pest for this but luckily Scott Clements offered a run through in his Clan as long as I was happy to have a birthday present drum kit sat on my knee from his house through to Rutherglen to where his nephew lives. A drum kit in a Clan??? Yes, it can be done as long as it is a electronic kit all is good, well easier than a full kit which would need to go on the roof or have a trailer attached.

Even with a drum kit on board Scotts Clan can certainly shift and he was only too willing to show me how quick it was as we sped along the A8 negotiating the roundabouts easily before hitting the M8 towards Rutherglen and Glasgow. After dropping of the drum kit at his nephews and having a lovely breakfast ( Thank you Jackie) we pushed on up the M74 on to Linwood arriving just after 10.00am.
Once everyone parked their Imps and Clan the usual meeting and greeting and blethering all things Imp commenced before Ian Sinclair who organised the event let us know where we were all going and handed out the directions.
So wee headed of towards Kames sprint circuit where Alan Ramsay was sprinting his spaceframe Imp in the glorious sunshine. A quick blast up the M8 then onto A and B roads for the rest of the journey trying not to get lost.... which we did for a wee bit but only after we all did the freewheeling competition that Ian had arranged on a suitable hill. When we did our run we had o brake unfortunately to slow for a cyclist and a random dog who though ti woyuld be a good idea to spectate in the centre of the very narrow road??? . :D

Scott made up some time that we had lost in splendid fashion after losing our way to arrive at Kames a bit alter than anticipated. In the pits was Alan with his spaceframe Imp, so after a burger and a restroom visit we all sat down with a burger and a cuppa to enjoy the sprinting which was very entertaining.
A big thank you to Scott for taking me through and Ian and everyone else who helped organise the event and of course for all the Impers taking part.
Next year hopefully be in The Pest . 8)

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alan c ramsay
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Re: Linwood day 2018

Post by alan c ramsay »

Glad the Linwood Day went well.

I think the Sprinters were IMPressed when the Imp (fan)Club turned up.

You picked the best day too.....Saturday was fine but cold..... i.e. usual for Kames
Slainte, Alan
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Re: Linwood day 2018

Post by AnonymousUser »

Thanks Ian for organising the run and the stop off to see Alan race.

Was a great day out

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Re: Linwood day 2018

Post by ImpManiac »

Sounds like a great day out! 8)

IM 8)
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