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imp national 2012

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Well done to the organisers of Imp 2012. Stunning location - excellent facilities and catering. Really looked after us. Great meeting up with old friends again. However ------ Come on you guys - what's happened to your sense of fun. Not everyone enjoys dressing up and making a complete idiot of themselves, but the lack of fancy dress made Saturday night seem like a sham. Maybe the theme was too difficult and should have been more broad, so that not not too much thought or expense had to be made in order to make a disguise - for that's what it is!!!!!!!!!!! I really felt bad for the organisers when I saw that only a few people had made an effort. I personally think that prizes for fancy dress should be abandoned. I for one don't like being paraded round a marquee, and loads of folk I talked to said the same thing. It's supposed to be fun. It usually is- but not this time. Please consider this for next year. Times are hard at the moment, and money is tight so make it cheap and simple please. This is not a negative post, just thoughts from an events organiser (including fancy dress). Thanks again for a lovely weekend.

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