rear brak disc conversio

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rear brak disc conversio

Post by pierre33 »

hi, i am in France and run in historique tour trophée maxi 1300 classe 1(0 to 1000cc) whit a G15. i whant change the rear drum by disc. I suspect that the subject has been discussed, but can you give me the easiest editing (fiat x1 / 9 or ford sierra or ........ In advance thank you and excuse me for my English
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Re: rear brak disc conversio

Post by benwick3 »

I have discs, front and rear, on one of my racing Clans using X1/9 bits. My original racing Clan has discs on the front, Vauxhall Viva, and Imp drums on the rear. To be honest I don't think there is anything to gain from the rear discs, particularly with the work involved. With rear drums the main thing is to ensure that you have very good brake shoe shoes and I have always used Ferodo VG95 although I believe these are no longer available.

I used to race a 998 Ginetta G15 with the standard Spitfire front discs with uprated front pads, DS11 if I remember correctly, along with the above mentioned VG95 rear brake shoes and again found them to be more than adequate.

If you want an opinion on the performance of the disc/drum combination on my original Clan have a word with Michel Chapel, who competes in the Maxi 1300 Series, currently in a Simca Rallye, as he has raced it.

Pete Richards
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