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EU Problem

Post by Teddie2003 »

As a lot of people will know, there is a potential problem that could affect all forms of motorsport in the UK and Europe.

It all stems from an accident a few years ago in one of the Balkan countries when somebody was knocked off a ladder by a tractor, (not a joke), since then the EU have been looking at making widespread alterations to vehicle insurance and this could have dramatic problems for all forms of motorsport. so please read this and send in a comment other wise we might not have any motorsport in the future.

" Help save our Sport from EU directive.

There is a truly serious threat to our sport looming out of the EU very soon – that will result in all forms of motorsport in Europe being forced to shut down. This threat is very real and is no joke. It is imperative that we all respond to the EU Survey on this issue to make our views known. The deadline for submissions is October 20th. Chris Aylett of the MIA has put together an extremely useful guide explaining how to respond, exactly what to say, and which sections to ignore. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete if you follow the MIA guidance.

If you are a company active in motor sport, please amend the figures for staff etc at the relevant point. If you are an individual, I suggest you just substitute ‘we’ for ‘I’.

It is vital that we all respond to this survey right away.

Here is the message from Chris Aylett, Chief Executive of the Motorsport Industry Association:

Subject: URGENT ACTION - to save motorsport in all EU Member States your personal action is needed before October 20th - THIS IS A GENUINE THREAT
Importance: High

Dear Motorsport friend and colleague,

I do not apologise for the dramatic title to this message as our industry and sport face a serious, immediate problem which you can help resolve.

We have until October 20th to respond to this important EC consultation, details of which are attached - if we fail to secure the amendment we seek then the likely outcome is that all motorsport activity, in every EU Member State, will cease.

All involved in the business and organisation of European motorsport need to act NOW to overcome this genuine threat to our own future and that of our employees and sport, from the unintended consequences of action taken by the European Commission (EC).

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), along with others including the UK Department for Transport, has been fighting to resolve this issue for more than two years, on behalf of our members and the wider EU motorsport community. Now, with your personal leadership and action, it is possible for us to resolve this.

In simple terms, the EC plans to issue a new Motor Insurance Directive, as a result of which all EU Member States must put into their National Law compulsory and unlimited third-party liability insurance to cover personal injury between motorsport competitors and car-to-car damage during any competition – from Formula One, Moto GP, World Rally to karting, historic and grass roots, whether regulated by the FIA or FIM or not.

However such widespread unlimited new insurance is not currently and, we understand, will not in the future be available - so motorsport will be unable to continue anywhere in the EU.

Please respond BY OCTOBER 20th to the EC Review Consultation ... surance_en

by using the simple ‘MIA Response Guidelines’ which can be downloaded here. ... ion_V4.pdf

This will take LESS THAN TEN MINUTES – a short time commitment to keep motorsport alive, and the jobs it supports, in place.

It is most important that you estimate, if motorsport were to cease, how many jobs will be lost directly from your organisation and indirectly by your suppliers or the sport, as this significant economic impact will influence the European Commission.

We really must work together to make the European Commission fully aware of the economic importance of motorsport and the employment which our sport and industry provides across the European Union. Please forward this email to fellow drivers, friends, car preparers and other motorsport contacts.

If you have any questions or comments then please email me and I will respond immediately as we must meet the deadline of October 20th.

Thank you most sincerely – your immediate help is invaluable and much appreciated

Best regards


Chris Aylett
Chief Executive Officer
Motorsport Industry Association
The Apex on 10th Street, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG, UK
T: +44 (0) 2476 692 600 M:+44 (0) 7771 786 500
E: W:"

Please have a look at this link and send in your views by the 20th of this month.

Hants ACO
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Re: EU Problem

Post by ImpManiac »

I replied to the consultation about a week ago. I actually tried answering all of the questions - not just the ones listed in the information given in the advice link above from the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA). It took me a while - probably about half an hour - but I consider it time well spent. :)

I truly hope that the case for motorsport across the EU - and the UK - can be made sufficiently strongly. I believe it can. After all, the request is merely for an amendment to the tabled legislation.

IM 8)
Paul Harrison
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Re: EU Problem

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »

If the directive becomes EU law prior to Brexit and potentially damages British interests post-Brexit, then it can be repealed SELECTIVELY along with any other law which is against the financial interests and general well-being of British people. Which means Britain will maintain its not inconsiderable importance within the global motorsport industry.

Well that's why I'm not too worried by it all ... I appreciate some folk will feel differently esp. if they hope Brexit doesn't happen and can only see their future blossom as a state within a centrally-controlled EU.

I guess few have posted within this thread due to reluctance to discuss EU/Brexit politics? Mods feel free to delete this post. :) Clan004
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Re: EU Problem

Post by 617sqn »

I'll stick my head above the parapet. I'm all for Brexit, voted for it and will take to the streets if it doesn't happen. I despise all of the meddling in our affairs over the years, and can't wait for us to have the option for reversals of some of the EU legislation thats irrelevant to our culture and wellbeing as a Nation. Without doubt some aspects of being in Europe has been beneficial. But, in my opinion, an awful lot hasn't. This could be a prime example.

Andy G
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