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2016 Blue Book (MSA Yearbook)

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:40 pm
by Colin Valentine
As the IMP Club Comp Secretary I receive several copies of the infamous "Blue Book" which contains all the Rules and Rgulations for Motor Sport Events .
As a Competition Licence Holder I also get my own copy of the Blue Book.
So if there are any Club Members who think they might be interested in Motor Sport then on a "first come first served basis" the spare books are available.
There are many different types of Motr Sport and each has its own set of Regulations.
A car prepared for Rallies may not be suitable, or even eligible for Race or Sprint Events.
I would always advise a newcomer to the any branch of Motor Sport to come and have a look first.
It may not be quite what you imagined.
And the Rules for the Car Preparation may vary.
I'm not an expert on all branches of Motor Sport, so would advise newcomers to go and have a look, talk to the Competitiors, and some organisers.
And maybe even have a read at the Blue Book.
It is not a Book which you read from cover to cover, but you look at the specific section.
The are some General bits about safety, the duty of Officials, Event Organisers, Marshals etc, before getting onto Competitors and Regulations for specific types of Event.
So if you are interested please contact me.
There is no charge for the Book, but a contribution to cover the postage would be appreciated.
It is only A5 size but about 500 pages long.
Colin Valentine
IMP Club Comp Secy & occassional Competitor..... ... -res-1.pdf