Imps at Castle Coombe - 4th May

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Imps at Castle Coombe - 4th May

Post by benwick3 » Tue May 05, 2015 9:17 am

Suffering from a flu bug so spent Monday in front of the tv watching the Motors TV live broadcast from Castle Coombe instead of finishing off the Clans for Silverstone and St Goueno.

CTCRC Pre-'66 race featured the Imps of Gary Fletcher and Freddie Brown. Unfortunately apart from lining up at the start the only shots of the Imps were Gary pulling off and parking on the infield and later in the race Freddie again parked on the infield with a very dead Imp enveloped in a cloud of smoke. Based on my considerable experience in destroying Imp race engines I would hazard a guess at a rod through the side, probably No 3.

Second race saw Gary appear at the start but not seen during the race.

Keep smiling lads and better luck in the future.

Pete Richards
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Re: Imps at Castle Coombe - 4th May

Post by Turboimp » Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:39 pm

a far cry from the 1990s there at Castle Combe when the Special saloon Imps were doing so well , Brian Cutting 4 times Special GT champion and Earling jensen averaging 99 mph in the races passing 400 bhp V8 rover SD1 , Metro 6R4's and many more cars 3 times the power , he did win one race outright .. and did a qualifying lap of 1 min 6 seconds on the old faster circuit . :-) Photo i took in May 1990..
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must be some kind of record !
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Re: Imps at Castle Coombe - 4th May

Post by Dogsbody » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:58 pm

My Stiletto will be at Combe on Saturday....Even if it is just parked on a club stand.

Combe is a bit of a power circuit and My Stiletto, like my Tickford Racing Puma will be at the mercy of BHP from "Bobbies" to "Camp"
Hope to get the Stiletto out on a trackday at Combe early next year.
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