HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship

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Mike Hanna
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HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship

Post by Mike Hanna »

As most of you may know by now Simon Benoy is leading this championship. I sincerely hope, Simon , that you will be racing at Croft as an Imp winning the championship in the Imp's 50th year would be very good for it and the club, better than letting a ford win it! :x I know as treasurer of the club you would want to be at the Imp National, but I am sure you could get some one to stand in for you for the 2 days at Croft. I am also sure the whole club would be behind you! :D Cheers. Mike
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Re: HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship

Post by SimonBenoy »

Ha ha - thanks Mike and I understand where you are coming from, but I made the decision to go to Perth when the HSCC announced the dates. Mind you, I didn't know then that things would be going so well! The timetable for Croft also puts me off - if both our races had been on the Saturday, then maybe I could have sorted something out and still been able to do most of Imp 50, but there is qualifying and 1 race on Saturday and the 2nd race isn't until late on Sunday.

So I never considered that I was a championship contender, this has allowed me to really enjoy my racing and to race anything that I can keep up with without having to worry about points or conserving the car.

So I'll be out next at the Gold Cup at Oulton and hopefully enjoying a circuit that I love.

Cheers - Simon
Andy Hillman
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Re: HSCC Historic Touring Car Championship

Post by Andy Hillman »

Oh Mike, racing is fun and all that but to miss an imp national you need a note from your doctor :D
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