R.A.C. Rally 2012

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Colin Valentine
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R.A.C. Rally 2012

Post by Colin Valentine » Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:32 pm

I'm out as a Marshal on the 2012 RAC Rally from 23-25 Nov.
Friday night is in Dalby, if anyone is interested.
Saturday is Gale Rigg (Cropton)
The Website gives details of other stages and times.
See page 12 on the website.
Let me know if you are interested.

There is also an "Awareness Evening" at the De Lacy Clubhouse tonight - Wed 7 Nov from 8pm.
The Clubhouse is at Broughton almost on top of the old A1.
All welcome.
Colin Valentine
York AC & IMP Club Competition Secy
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Re: R.A.C. Rally 2012

Post by pubcrawler » Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:56 am

Used to love following the old RAC around the country :shock: , one year we managed to get an official route and with an experienced navigator on the maps managed to see over 20 stages :o .
I've been involved with the Wales Rally GB for the past 2 years and it's not the same :roll: . Was away for over a week helping and distributing equipment etc all for just a 100 cars :o , and fewer spectators this year. Not suprised though at £25 per person per stage :o :o :o .
Taking my "rose tinted specs" off now :roll: :lol:
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Martin Parkes.
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Re: R.A.C. Rally 2012

Post by super66 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:08 am

I shall be at Gale Rigg and also hoping to get ascross to croft for saturday afternoon. Been a great event over the last few years. Personally i don't think you can beat the sound of the BDA engine hooning through a forest, or that of the Lancia Stratos. With the Likes of MArk Higgins and Gwyndaf Evans behind the wheel you really do get to see that at the limit!
The resto continues...
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Re: R.A.C. Rally 2012

Post by Rod » Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:24 am

super66 wrote: Personally i don't think you can beat the sound of the BDA engine hooning through a forest, or that of the Lancia Stratos.
So there we were marshalling in a forest, in the dark, somewhere in Somerset, 1972/3 at a guess?

First of all the chainsaw scream of BDA engines, sound rising and falling through the forest and the Escorts bursting into sight along the short straight leading into "our" bend a 90 left through a gateway. Then a different sound; "Stratos" came the cry, twitching one way and the other all along the straight and of course, as has entered into legend, running without its engine cover.

Then there was a different sound, one long continuous screech of tortured metal, no rising and falling, no blipping of throttle on gearchanges, just that continuous screech. Stig Blomquist's Saab V4 shot into sight sideways, crablike, along the straight. Not only sideways we realised but sideways the WRONG way! No way was he going to make the corner, we were preparing to pick up the pieces when he flicked it round and straight through the gateway as easy as you like. Happened so quickly and easily that I never saw it happen, if you see what I mean :o :shock: . I have never seen car control like it. And he must have done the same on every bend of every stage of the rally.

By then Blomquist was making up for a lack of power by never easing the throttle ever. Right foot planted, left on brake and ram the gears through under power, who needs a clutch when you have a free wheel?

Sorry nothing to do with Imps but the sight and the sound of that Saab will stay with me for ever.

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Re: R.A.C. Rally 2012

Post by ganderson888 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:17 pm

Rod wrote:
super66 wrote: ~~~~~ Blomquist was ~~~~~~~ never easing the throttle ever. Right foot planted, left on brake and ram the gears through under power ~~~~~ Imp022
Exactly my recollection of him as well but later in an Escort on the real RAC... absolutely flat out on a very tight and narrow downhill section of Beddegelert Forest in the dark... Pure magic!

Graham 8)
Graham Anderson
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Re: R.A.C. Rally 2012

Post by leadfoot » Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:31 pm

hopefully going, if work dosnt get in the way.
I have many great memories of the RAC, ive watched, marshalled or serviced from 1972-1995 and without doubt the best years were the 70s in those days it was a rally in its self to go specing for 5 days and nights, we would do up to twenty stages and over a thousand miles, in the the 80s i serviced on nearly all of them, the early ones then having 35-40 hour legs with no real rest haults, well not for the service crews, especialy 1985 the last of the long events.
there is something about being in a forrest at dawn with heavy frost on the ground, a vale of fog/mist in the air and the distant sound of an engine be thrast to within an inch of its life, then the spectical of an escort hurtalling at at warp factor ten down this frozen gravel track, barley wide enough to fit, sliding sideways oneway then the other seaming out of control to any sain person, but somehow makes it round the series of bends and of into the mist the noise equoing of the trees, and you are left with the smell of hot mud on exhausts, castrol "r" and how the hell did they do that, closely followed by i would like to have a go at that, if i had the money.
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