Mk3 dash fitting anyone? Mk3 dash for sale anybody?

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Mk3 dash fitting anyone? Mk3 dash for sale anybody?

Post by knutspeed » Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:32 pm

Since our Bevan-tribute car is a Mk3 (our mistake - FIA demands the Mk3 be 30kgs fatter than a Mk2..) some mods have to be done, one of which is fitting a Mk3 dash. I'm not allowed to use the Rally-pod.

Does anyone have pics of a mk3 sans dash? Our shell has had some mods in this area, so I'm not sure where to start when re-fitting a Mk3 dash. The dash also has to be turned through 180deg, as the dash we've got is for a LHD car.

If anyone happens to have a nice, complete RHD Mk3 dash (no need for instruments) let me know. Got the entire winter to sort it...
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