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Postby ChrisBenoy » Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:18 pm

This will be added to when anything is thought of.

1. Q. I am an Imp Club member whos name is showing in pink what do I do?

[i]A. contact Impmaniac, he is the Forum Manager

2. Q. I have sent a private message that looks to be sitting in my outbox rather than sending, what am I doing wrong?

[i]A. Nothing, the message has been sent, however it only leaves your outbox when the message has been viewed by the person it was sent to.[/i]

3. Q. It wont let me post any photos or attachments?

[i]A. This is because the forum has currently reached the limit for attachments, I could raise the limit but since I don't know how much space we actually have it is staying as it is for now.[/i]

4. Q. Who do I contact for forum matter?

[i]A. Please send all enquiries to the forum manager account or send an email to[/i]

5. Q. How do I post images on the forum?

[i]A. The easiest way is shown in this guide -[/i] [url][/url]

Thanks 8)
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